What can you expect from our expeditions?

Immerse yourself in the fascinating landscapes of the mighty Himalayas, encounter the wilderness of the snow capped mountains up close and enjoy every step of your highly rewarding hassle-free adventure.

Our capabilities that would compel you to come to us...

  • Providing safe, specialized and high quality adventure sports opportunity to individuals, groups, institutions etc.
  • Organizing adventure trekking and camps and organize camping activities for various groups.
  • Acting as experts, supervisors, guides on expeditions and tours related to nature or adventure trekking.
  • Promoting healthy living and adoption of healthy and sustainable lifestyles with emphasis on environmental conservation.
  • Engaging in search and rescue operations.
  • Providing training related to adventure sports/ search and rescue.
  • Providing consultancy to training institutes, educational institutes, government and private enterprises, corporations etc. on adventure sports and healthy life style.
  • Adventure & nature photography and film-making.

TLRA holds above all the beauty, fecundity and sanctity of nature and the need for ‘US’ (the humans – a miniscule part of the whole) to respect and hold sacred this incredible gift bestowed upon us.

Our Story


An avid and skilful mountaineer, Shiv Ram, lovingly known as Shiva by all, has completed his Basic, Advanced and MOI mountaineering courses from the prestigious ‘Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports’ in Manali. With a deep desire to bring adventure as a constructive force in the lives of people and help the people in need he has, along with his partner Suramya, opened a company called ‘The Little Rebel Adventures Pvt. Ltd.’

The company organizes safe and exhilarating adventure sports activities under expert guidance. As a Search and Rescue expert Shiva and the company also conduct and assist in search and rescue operations, their main aim being the reduction of the need of search and rescue through promoting safe practices and awareness and skill generation. A very skilled team of experts is always ready to assist in any kind of search and rescue operations as well as to provide trainings to children, youth, villagers and expert and local volunteers on search and rescue as well as safe practices in the mountains(mountain trekking).

A local boy form Himachal himself Shiva firmly believes in giving a hundred-fold back to his community and his beloved mountains. The company thus aims at giving back to the nature and the society through promoting sustainable living, environmental conservation and youth engagement in self development.


A born dreamer and adventuress Suramya dreamed her way in to this life of adventure that she loves. A development professional by qualification (Masters in Social Work from the prestigious Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai), she found herself hopelessly in love with Himachal Pradesh and everything that it offers.

The fateful meeting with Shiva during one of her trips to Kasol, their numerous treks together and their mutual love and passion for nature and adventure sealed the deal and thus under the stars near a bonfire with their favourite dog Rebel beside them ‘The Little Rebel Adventures’ was born.


There was this dog...the most amazing one of all...
As smart as he was good-looking ...
As wise as he was playful...
As calm as he was bright...and loyal to the core...
He walked with us...he played with us...took us on innumerable adventures!
A true friend...a hero...an inspiration...miss you dearest Rebel...our namesake...hope we’ll make you very proud one day!!!

Shiva’s expertise and knowledge about mountains and local trails and Suramya’s passion and innovation fuels the company. Together Shiva and Suramya through their company are dedicated to instil a sense of adventure and wonder in the lives of everyone especially the youth who have otherwise lost themselves in the mundane of everyday living. Through the company they aim to bring the youth closer to nature and appreciate the beauty and synergy of wildness.